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Typical Deer Damage

Hosta gone! Call us for spring & summer deer damage protection.
Deer damage at it's best.
About Us
Sprayscapes LLC is a registered and licensed outdoor pesticide application company that has been serving Fairfield County, CT residence since 2007. Our expertise is deer damage prevention.
Our Service
Sprayscapes LLC provides spring and winter deer repellent application services for shrubs and woody ornamentals. We use only high quality, professional deer repellent not available to the general public to significantly minimize and in most cases eliminate deer damage. Our winter product also works as a anti-desiccant to prevent winter wind burn. In growing season, once a month is not enough for most plants (flowers both annual or perennials) to be adequately protected from deer damage. We offer our full year service customers a 1 gallon ready to use of our product to spray in between our service calls when necessary for spraying newly planted flowers. Customer must call to request it. If you are a hands on gardener and don't need our services and want to spray both your shrubs and flowers we recommend using Damn Deer products at Damn Deer was created for our Sprayscapes customers and is now available to everyone.
Our Guarantee / Disclaimer
Sprayscapes will respray (1x at no cost to you) if the deer continue to come and eat your shrubs. Deer are wild animals and given the right conditions will eat anything. The products we currently use, Deer Free Winter Armor, Deer Free Summer Armor will reduce deer eating activity with proper use. There is no guarantee that the deer will no longer enter or come on a property once the product has been sprayed. Sprayscapes specializes in deer damage prevention and is always searching for the most innovative, effective and natural products available. If you receive our service for tick control, our company is not responsible for past, present, or future out breaks of any tick or insect born disease or any sickness that you, your family or animals may encounter from using our services. Tick and other insects come from many source animals and total elimination is impossible. 

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